Possibilities Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a program which focuses on discovering and developing a person’s strengths. Possibilities inspires and assists members with mental health experiences, to learn or relearn necessary skills to reach their goals in one of five domains:  living, learning, working, socializing, and staying healthy.  Possibilities promotes members to make their own choices and achieve success and satisfaction in their life. They can and do have the ability to achieve self-reliance and community integration.
​The Possibilities Program is grounded in the Principles of Boston University Approach to Psychiatric Rehabilitation, The Community Support Program, and Recovery Oriented Behavioral Health Services. Possibilities is designed to assist individuals with mental health experiences choose, get and keep skills of their choice in a safe, healthy environment.
Possibilities is a journey to goals we once believed to be unreachable.

Our Vision

At Possibilities, we focus on individuality, allowing individuals to take charge of their lives and give them the ability to:

  • Make choices in their lives
  • Achieve self-reliance and community integration
  • Develop skills and have access to appropriate resources

Possibilities is a program focused on assisting members who have mental health experiences gain success in meaningful life roles of their choice in five domain areas: Living, Learning, Working, Socializing and Staying Healthy.


  • Kitchen mastery
  • Home care
  • Organizing
  • Financial management
  • Nutrition
  • Transportation
  • Independence


  • Developing interests
  • Gaining knowledge
  • Focusing
  • Completing tasks
  • Following directions
  • Time management
  • Continuing education


  • Teamwork
  • Applications
  • Interviewing
  • Communications in the workplace
  • Workplace attire
  • Constructive feedback


  • Making friends
  • Finding community opportunities
  • Learning leisure activities
  • Situational conversation

Staying Healthy

  • Routines
  • Making and keeping appointments
  • Using a calendar
  • Wellness habits
  • Personal medicine
  • Handling demands